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Image Big Time Rush

Big Time Rush

Release Date 2013-07-25
Runtime 30 minutes
Genres Family, Comedy
Stars Kendall Schmidt, Logan Henderson, James Maslow, Carlos PenaVega, Stephen Kramer Glickman
Directors Lazar Saric, Jed Spingarn, Scott Fellows, Dave Schiff, Ron Holsey

Four teenage friends move from Minneapolis to Los Angeles to form a potential chart-topping boy band after Kendall is inadvertently discovered by an eccentric record executive, Gustavo Rocque. As they seize this opportunity of a lifetime, these friends embark on an exciting comedy and music-filled journey to prove to themselves and their record label that they are serious about their new career choice.

1. Big Time Invasion


The new British band "invade" the music business and Big Time Rush is afraid that they are going to end their career. To save their career they decide to hire new managers but disagree on who they are going to take.

2. Big Time Scandal


Big Time Rush are accused for scandals: Lucy Stone releases an album about a bad break-up with a guy who is rumored to be Kendall, Carlos tries to swat a bee and is accused by E! News for hitting grannies and Logan is accused for trying to rob a granny, which was really helping. Meanwhile, James spreads up a rumor about him doing a duet with Cher Lloyd.

3. Big Time Lies


Lucy tries to get Kendall back, but Kendall lies to Jo and tells nothing is happening. Meanwhile, James and Carlos lie to Gustavo about destroying his office and make up a story about a robbery and Logan lies to Camille about being sick, because he doesn't want to come to a boring play.

4. Big Time Bonus


Griffin gives the boys a $20,000 bonus and wants them to prove him they will spend them with responsibility.

5. Big Time Cameos


Gustavo books the boys to a lot of painful TV show cameos, but they decide to do no more cameos, until they get booked for "Coco.0", a show Carlos loves and has a pretty main character, Dara Larameigh.

6. Big Time Tour Bus


Big Time Rush is on the way to their concert to San Diego, in tour buses, but they get stuck in traffic. Kendall is with Carlos, who is filming videos with his camera all the time and Logan is with James and they have roommate problems. Meanwhile, Victoria Justice keeps the crowd busy until Big Time Rush shows up and Mrs. Knight and Katie are also stuck in traffic.

7. Big Time Pranks II


Palm Woods' prank wars kick off again, and this time the kids battle the adults. Logan pranks himself out (again) and becomes "The Prankster Gangster", supplying prank tools to the kids.

8. Big Time Rides


James buys a motorcycle to try to impress Lucy; Kendall teaches Jo how to drive a stick-shift; Carlos and Logan hold on to a childhood treasure (wood wagon).

9. Big Time Tests


Logan brings Carlos along to the MCAT test as his good luck charm; James is upset because Lucy is off for a European tour and he becomes obsessed with relationship quizzes; Griffin puts on a product testing lab at Rocque Records and asks for Katie, Gustavo and Kelly to test the products for him.

10. Big Time Cartoon


The boys have been approached by two huge companies that are interested in expanding the BTR brand a little farther. They have two options of choosing between getting their own cartoon or their own video game.

11. Big Time Break Out


At a party at Rocque Records, celebrating the release of their third studio album, Griffin asks the boys about which one of them is going to leave Big Time Rush and break out.

12. Big Time Dreams Part 1 (1)


It's the Tween Choice Awards, and BTR's night is in jeopardy when the guys uncover an evil plan to brainwash the audience. Now BTR must find a way to defeat the bad guy, save the show, and still make sure their dreams come true.

13. Big Time Dreams Part 2 (2)